Business Valuation Specialists

At Business Valuation Specialists we provide timely, cost effective, professional valuation services to our clients in our areas of specialisation – Australia wide.

Our Specialist Services;

  1. Business Valuations
    • Partnership or Shareholder Disputes
    • Business Restructuring
    • Stamp Duty “Independent” Valuations
    • Purchase or Sale of a Business
  2. Family Law Business Valuations
    • Independent Single Expert Witness Reports
    • Independent Expert Reviews of 3rd Party Business Valuation
  3. Strategic Business Planning
  4. Business Coaching
  5. Litigation Support
  6. Forensic Accounting

Why Business Valuation Specialists?
Business valuations can be complex. Engaging the services of an expert will not only increase your understanding of the valuation process, but provides to the client expert answers and advice on how to maximise your valuation for now or into the future. For an appointment call (02) 9600 8622 or submit an enquiry here (please click).

Client Education
Integral to our commitment of delivering cost effective, timely services, BVS provides Lawyers with complimentary training seminars in all of our areas of expertise. To book your place in our next program please contact us on (02) 9600 8622. Alternatively you may wish to complete our online enquiry form.