Strategic Business Planning

Closely aligned with our core business valuation and advisory services is the need to assist our clients with Business Planning.

Many years of experience and a proven track record tell us that proper business planning is the most important tool for a business owner or Manager to set about realising the potential of their business and establishing the true valuation of the company.

Our experience also tells us that it is of utmost importance to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Our client base are busy people who know their business but need tools to maximise its value and the Business Plan will be of great value to them.

In cases where clients have either purchased a new business or have owned one for some time, we have been engaged to assist with the development of a detailed road map to grow value in that business. Alternatively, often we are asked to prepare a business for sale and we can help in maximising the value of the business.

Again many times, when business owners wish to reduce their direct day to day involvement, or even totally exit direct management, but maintain their investment, we help on many levels. This included building a business plan, structuring the business, including the reporting structure that addresses all the key criteria effectively giving owners real insight into the business’s progress against their “Plan”. Allowing effective “hands off management” of that investment.

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Business Planning includes:

  • Identifying Client Goals
    • Long Term
    • Short Term
  • Business Products and /or Services Market Analysis
    • Current Market size/trends
    • Market positioning
    • Market Segment Growth Forecasts
  • Financial Planning
    • Reporting on Key Criteria
    • Cash Projections
    • Budgets
  • Operational Planning
    • Leadership
    • Organisation Structure
    • Roles and responsibilities
  • Risk Analysis
    • Risk Identification
    • Preventative Action
    • Contingency Plan
    • Action Plan