Family Law Valuations

Business Valuations for Family Law settlements are regularly conducted under stressful circumstances.

Unless legally recognised, professional and transparent methodologies are used these Business Valuations in particular can destabilise what is often an already uneasy process.

Family Law valuations in the form of "Independent Single Expert Report" need to be done in the format required by law and must be defendable under examination.

At Business Valuation Specialists we use our deep experience to deliver a business valuation report that can readily be understood by both our law courts and the parties directly involved in the outcome.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of an "Independent Single Expert Report" pursuant to Part 15.5 of the Family Law Rules 2004.
  • Preparation of a Business for a Valuation which is to be used for Family Law Purposes.

    If a third party is to value your business for Family Law purposes, Business Valuation Specialists, can review the business beforehand and present it in such a way as to maximise the chances of it being valued equitably and in a way that all parties can understand.
  • Independent Expert Review of other third party Business Valuations (Shadow Expert).

This specialised service offered by Business Valuation Specialists, is regularly called for when an outcome from a third parties Valuation is difficult for our client to understand. So much so that it can lead to further dispute.

At BVS we review any third party valuation with the same proven logic we apply to all our work, making our conclusions readily understood and defendable.